The main cause of HIV/AIDS transmission is through immoral behavior, peer influence, cultural values, and drunkardness. The free-sex culture has far reaching, adverse effects such as unwanted pregnancies, abortion, prostitution, rapid spread of STDs and in some occasions it leads to suicide.

This pandemic has been addressed as a real danger to the community. The Maasai community has deep rooted culture, most of which is good and admirable. However, some practices are bad and retrogressive and are making the community very vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.


  • Polygamy - One Maasai man with more than one wife
  • Traditional Maasai methods of Circumcision for boys and girls - (female genital mutilation)
  • Traditional methods for birth attendants and ear piercing
  • Gender bias and imbalance
  • Women are economically deprived. They look for "boyfriends" to provide for their needs.



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