My name is Nancy Simanga Peart. I was born and raised in a little village called Masantare in Ololulunga. I am from the Maasai tribe. I am from a family of seven children, six girls and one boy. I am the youngest. Four of my older sisters got married at a very early age, so they never went to school.

I grew up in a very unhealthy environment. We had no clean water, no bathrooms, no toilets and there was no health clinic nearby. We had to walk at least nine to ten kilometers a day to attend school. There was a water hole near our village, but cattle, goats, sheep and wildlife all shared the same water. I remember, when we had to fetch water, we would go barefoot into the water hole to get to the deep end so it was easier to fill our 5-10 liter plastic containers. By the time the containers were full, we were muddy up to our knees. All the while, the animals were there; drinking, urinating and passing dung into the water. Now when I get into a clean bathtub, or have a drink of water and can see the bottom of the class, my thoughts always go back to my village.

When we got sick, we would use traditional herbs as medicine. I would say, most of the time, the medicine didn't work as it was supposed to. Many people ended up suffering from prolonged illness and people often died. I remember attending funerals nearly every month. Malaria, Tuberculosis and AIDS are the major killing diseases within the Maasai community.

One of my desires is to see my people living a healthy, happy life, while preserving the rich and admirable Maasai culture. Enooduat Women and Children's Ministries has plans to build a health clinic and a school, and to dig a well to provide clean water for the Maasai people. In addition, we work to empower and motivate women to be more active in the world of business. They make beautiful jewelry from beads, which they can sell, and they are adept at farming. These are skills, which will help them to pay school fees for their children and provide for their daily needs.


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